Treat yourself with home made rose jam

There are many uses for a rose. Some make perfume out of their essence, some prefer make-up and people like my just adore rose jam.

Rose jam is not easy to make and requires a lot of roses, but once the process is finished it is all worth it.

I personally grow my own rose, and i acquire my rose plants from, an online store based in Romania.

Famous Roses sells high quality French rose breeds by famous names such as Delbard and Meillan Richardier.

Although there are many kinds of climbing roses and bare root roses I always buy the ones specially breed that you can syrup and jam. Rose de Rescht is a special breed appreciate for its intense perfume. Rose de Rescht is the ideal garden ornament and it makes the most delicious jam.

I have always trusted Famous Roses, since the begging because their customer service has always inspired me professionalism and passion for their work. Also I was very surprise to see the good condition the roses were when they arrived to my hometown in Spain. The plants were packed with a special technique to maintain a moist environment for the rose.

I highly recommend Famous Roses for their unique rose breed and high quality standards. Customers have the opportunity to receive and plant in their garden some of the most appreciated rose plants in Europe. Many of the breeds that are being sold on Famous Roses have won competitions many times, for their unique fragrance and color.

There is no better medicine than having your own rose garden that makes you loosen up and relax. I personally think highly of Famous Roses and their products, especially of the Rose de Rescht that makes a very sweet and aromatic jam that everyone can enjoy.

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